Cosy Autumn Cake Recipe

autumn Recipe

Jo-Jo's Apple and Cinnamon Cake
3 Large Apples 
300 grams Butter or Margarine
300 grams Caster Sugar
5 Eggs
300 grams Self-Raising Flour
3 teaspoons Ground Cinnamon
To Top Brown Sugar
  • Cream butter and caster sugar together
  • Add beaten eggs gradually to get runny smooth texture
  • Add flour and cinnamon
  • Skin and chop up apples into small cubes and add to mixture
  • If making a whole cake - pour mixture into a baking paper and butter lined tin, bake at 180 (fan), 200 (C), 400 (F) or 6 (Gas) for 25 mins.  
  • If making apple and cinnamon buns - pour mixture into individual cases and cupcake tin, bake at 180 (fan), 200 (C), 400 (F) or 6 (Gas) for 17 mins.
  • These times are a rough guide so check if cakes are done by pressing the top to see if springs back, put a skewer in to see if it comes out clean and the tops should be a golden brown
  • I then add some brown sugar while the cakes are still hot out of the oven to the top which then sticks to the cake and adds a lovely sweet crust
  • Top tip, if you like spices, I sometimes also add mixed spices, nutmeg or ginger to mine to make it taste extra Autumnal
  • Enjoy!

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