A Cosy Mother's Day

Mother's Day 2020 looks like it is going to be a very different one, doesn't it!  Some of us are unable to be with our Mum's as they are in isolation due to the Corona Virus.  Previously booked restaurants or events are being cancelled as we are being advised not to socialise outside of the family home.  

So to bring some positive cosy inspiration there are lots of things we can do this Mother's day to make those special ladies feel loved and show that you care;

  • fill in and give our fun cosy Mum info sheet (see below)
  • get the kids to make breakfast in bed (some assistance might be necessary)
  • run her a bubble bath
  • Get Alexa to play her favourite song
  • if you can't be together, face time or call them on the phone
  • send their present by post, alot of small businesses like us are offering personalised notes from you
  • if you can get together, cook a lovely meal at home
  • bake them their favourite cake
  • play a favourite card or board game together
  • look through old photos and albums together
  • take a walk in a park or in the countryside 
  • if your Mum is sadly no longer with you, take care of yourself today, light a candle, look at photos if it is of comfort to you, let loved ones know that you are missing her and let them take care of you

So this year especially I hope you all celebrate in some way this Mothering  Sunday all those incredible Mum's that are holding us all together, their families and their loved ones. 

"Mother's hold their children's hands for a while but their hearts forever"

Have a wonderfully cosy day,x



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