Mildred Fingerless Gloves - Black
Mildred Fingerless Gloves - Black
Mildred Fingerless Gloves - Black

Mildred Fingerless Gloves - Black

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The Mildred fingerless gloves will be your go to cosy accessory.  They are just the ticket for those always on the go who want to keep their hands warm and cosy but need their fingers and thumbs free to be able to get on with their busy day to day jobs. 

  • Black colour
  • Fingerless gloves
  • Knitted pattern detailing on back of hand 
  • Super soft and cosy material
  • 30% Cashmere
  • Nice close fit for maximum warmth
  • Gorgeous cosy gift for someone special
  • Ideal for busy hands
  • Highly recommended for Reynaud Disease suffers
  • Also available in; Turquoise, Cream, Blue, Pink, Grey or Oat

Made of Cashmere and Acrylic, these gloves are luxuriously soft and cosy. By keeping the wrist pulse and palm area of your hand covered these stylish wrist warmers keep your hands lovely and warm. We love the knit pattern detailing also.

They will make an ideal gift for teenagers that like to keep their fingers free to text on their phones, for Mums on the run, jumping in and out of the car chauffeuring the kids about and anyone that likes having cosy hands but needs to be able to use their fingers at the same time.

All our wrist warmers come highly recommended by people who suffer with cold hands and Reynaud Disease.

Mildred comes in a choice of fabulous colours; Turquoise, Black, Cream, Blue, Pink, Grey or Oat. They have a lovely snug feel when on but due to the acrylic have a good stretch to them.

Material: 30% Cashmere 70% Acrylic (always cosy, never itchy) 

Size: 18cm long x 11cm wide

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