Khaki Leopard Print Reusable Face Mask

Khaki Leopard Print Reusable Face Mask

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These lovely patterned face masks are perfect for when you are out and about shopping or on public transport. Several patterns now available - here we have the Khaki leopard print in khaki and black. The material is 100% cotton and has a slight shine to the outer material, a luxurious silky feel and a simple cotton inner layer with room for a filter if you wish to add one.

Using these reusable face masks at home will ensure that valuable PPE protection is not taken away from the front line.

One Size with adjustable elastic straps. We can not guarantee fit and straps should be adjusted accordingly. This product is non-returnable due to the nature of the product.

Please note: This reusable fashion mask is NOT for medical or industrial use. Do not use as protection against toxic fumes. This is a non-medical face covering and should not be used as replacement or substitute of PPE.

Children under 12 should be supervised by an adult while wearing a face covering. Not suitable for children under 24 month.

When wearing this mask, wash your hands before putting it on or taking it off, and be mindful to not touch your face. Please see Government guidance on how to wear them effectively.

Only one facemask is included within each individual purchase.  Please add as many a you need to the basket.

A filter is not provided.  

Reusable after washing; packaging advises hand washing.  We have washed in our washing machine at 30 degrees successfully and would recommend putting mask in mesh laundry bag to protect elastic straps and plastic adjusters from being damaged in a machine wash.

Packed in a branded sealed bag. Made in China

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