Cosy March

Between the rain showers the sun is doing it's best to shine through and boy does that sun feel good on the skin.  

Cosy Spring Clean

As many of the keen cleaners out there know March is an ideal time to start preparing the home for the rest of the year, with a good Spring Clean. Write yourself a weekly planner and schedule one room a week that is to have a deep clean. 

Cosy DIY

Plus with the changeable weather it can be the ideal time to get stuck in to a spot of decorating and freshen up some of the rooms of the house with either a quick lick of paint, or go full out on a complete redecoration and new theme.

Cosy Nook

Making a cosy place to relax and chill out in your home is a good idea.  It might be that your bedroom is your sanctuary, or a comfy soft chair in the lounge or perhaps the bathroom in a deep bubble bath is your place to go to at the end of the day and unwind.  It is just important to try and make a certain place in the home super cosy for you and your family to enjoy some time out, so perhaps this month give this some thought - where in your home is your cosy nook?

Cosy Outside

March is a hive of activity outside in the garden, the birds are super busy attracting their mates, building nests and preparing for parenthood, some animals are starting to come out of hibernation and others are gearing up for Spring and all the changes it brings.  A super cosy past time this March is to take a walk in your garden or local park and to sit, look and listen.  Breath in the fresh air, observe the wildlife and listen to the earth breathing.  It is a humbling and cosy experience and can re-balance your mind, especially if you are under alot of stress. Sometimes taking a few minutes out to focus on the bigger picture helps you to see all the options that are available to you and watching nature reaffirms  we are all on this planet for a reason.

Cosy Mum

22nd March in the UK is Mothering Sunday, the day we focus on the Mum's, perhaps give them the day off, give gifts and make them feel special.  I have been thinking alot about what it is to be a Mum.  It isn't easy, it can be worrying, it is tiring but it is also the best job in the world. Because of my desire to make the world a cosier place I often find myself thinking up ways to make my kids days more cosy.  It adds an element of creativity and fun to my day and I think they really love the cosy things we do, make or see together.  So perhaps this month you might like to think of something you would like to do with your kids that will make them feel cosy. It doesn't need to cost money, it doesn't always need to have alot of effort, it might be to snuggle on the sofa watching a movie, it might be making a cosy reading corner in their room with fairy lights and cushions.  I will write further on this later this month but definitely worth some thought because what is cosier than a cuddle with your Mum at the end of the day to make you feel better.  

Love a Cosy Mum xx

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